Top up & Withdraw

Top Up Tutorial

      1. Log in to ElitePlay, click "sidebar" > "Deposit" > select "Bank Transfer"
      2. Select the bank that is convenient for you to deposit or transfer "select a bank" > scroll to the bottom
      3. Tick "I have read and agree" > click "Next"
      4. Click (+) to open album and select your receipt to upload a cash deposit or transfer receipt, then click "Submit"
Wait for the system to check, if the steps are performed correctly, top up will be completed within 5 minutes
Note: ElitePlay will change the bank account name and account from time to time. Please make sure that the bank account of the deposit or transfer matches the current bank account

Withdraw Tutorial

      1. Log in to ElitePlay, click "sidebar" > "Withdraw" > "Set PIN"
      2. "Enter Full Name" > "Select Bank" > "Enter Account No." > click "Confirm"
      3. Enter the amount, click "Submit"
Enter your payment PIN > Withdraw has been successfully submitted

About Us

ElitePlay is among the most successful online live casino in Malaysia. ElitePlay offer a stress-free and easier way fo​r customer to do deposit and withdraw digitally. Each transaction can be completed quickly and effortlessly. These highlights make gaming in ElitePlay secure as well as pleasant so players feel comfortable when committing to our website.

Bank Payments

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